HOW to move a Pool Table            SAFE and EASY, even kids can do it..

US PATENT 8312598, 8573608, and D719000

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West Point Academy - 2 Antique 9ft tables moved Safely and Easily by One Man

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                 Moving a pool table is an easy task for a professional utilizing Safely designed material handling equipment. Proper Equipment that protects them, your new purchase and your home. Injuries plague the Industry! OSHA NOW Mandates the use of Safe Handling equipment for Employees and demands Employers to provide Equipment to their Employees much like wearing a Hard Hat or Safety Glasses. Failure to provide an Employee a safer environment is a violation and may cause legal ramifications. Would you like to hear a person say they hurt their back while working in your home? Beware of Vendors who utilize Homemade\COPY CAT type equipment. If they really are in business don’t you think they should be able to afford a small investment to protect their employees well being. Is that NOT the best insurance?

Click here to see how easy it is to move slate when you have the proper tools

Watch YOUTUBE videos and see an 8 year old to 94 Year old as well

                Ask your local vendor if they think two young women in high heels can move 9ft slate up stairs and you will likely hear they would bet against it. This site provides YOU the Customer a list of Business’s that utilize this new technology. A growing list of Business’s that realize the importance and benefits of such equipment. NOT because it’s mandated but because it’s Sound business practice and just plain SMART. The list consists of ONLY the Business’s that have acquired this NEW TOOL. It’s new and many Vendors have not heard of it yet. Suggest they look into it if they haven’t seen it and you will hopefully be saving them physical harm. It may be they are just unaware. This site lists by state which businesses use it. Thanks for supporting Companies who have invested in their business for themselves, their employees and you most importantly the Customer.

           OTLVISE was Invented and Patented by On The Level Billiards LLC and this site was created to show support for those who play by the rules.

how to move a pool table